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Sure, I sympathized with her situation, but I certainly couldn't empathize with someone like that. The entire book was devoted to her rants and complains. I mean, it seems like the whole story was completely immersed in a pool of negativity and hate! How am I supposed to like this exactly?

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December 02, Reader reviewed by wordplay Life in the Fat lane is a book about a beautiful teenage beauty queen, Lara, who unbelievably loses what she considers beauty, her trim figure. After winning yet another crown, I think this one was for Homecoming Queen, she gets an allergic reaction because of her anxiety and her body chemically reacts abnormally, causing her to gain more and more weight no matter what she does to prevent it, even starvation or taking laxatives.

Because her mother is twice as vain as she is, and her father is arguably the same, in his own way, they move to a different state where they can find out what is really wrong with their beautiful daughter. She is diagnosed with a very rare syndrome that takes time to cure itself.

The book was a nice read because I found it appropriate for what I was dealing with at the time, my appearance. I opposed girls like Lara, these girls who fit this norm deemed acceptable for girls younger than 20, that beauty is on the outside. My favorite part of the book involved her relationship with her boyfriend, who was the only decent element of her former life, and even in her new life.

His character was a good reminder about chivalry being in different forms, sometimes more amplified in others, I appreciated this. I enjoyed the graphic content of the book. I also like how her relationship with her parents evolved into something more tangible, something more real. I enjoyed best her acceptance, and that losing weight was not the main goal of her days, that loving yourself says more about who we are individually, not our exterior. Good but slow October 11, Reader reviewed by Jenna The plot was interesting to be sure, but the speed of the thing lost me.

Lara is a believable character, and her struggles may have many girls recognizing with her, but the plot could have used a few pick-me-ups. A sure-to-be classic, if you can stay focused. What if this happened to YOU?

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September 29, Reader reviewed by Rachel B. What would you do if you were diagnosed with a disease that made you almost double in weight? When exactly that happens to 16 year old beauty pageant winner Lara Ardeche, the protagonist in this fiction novel, the result is just short of disastrous.

Life in the Fat Lane is told by Lara, in first person point of view. Initially, Lara begins to gain weight after she is voted homecoming queen. Her parents put her on a low calorie, high exercise diet. When this only causes her to gain more weight, Lara is taken to the hospital. At the hospital she is diagnosed with Axell-Crowne Syndrome. This rare disorder makes it so the more Lara exercises and less she eats, the fatter she becomes.

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The once popular Lara now is starting to be targeted and teased at school. As if things weren't bad enough, Laras dad reveals his involvement in a secret affair. Lara and her family agree to move from their home in Nashville, Tennessee to Blooming Woods, Michigan. At her new school Lara is taken in by the school outcasts who assume her to be one of them. Lara resumes piano lessons, which she stopped back in Nashville when she started to grow bigger. Things seem to be going alright when a family disaster strikes the Ardeches and Lara has do deal with almost all the drama one person can possibly deal with.

I would recommend this book to girls age ten and up everywhere because for a fiction book, the characters are believable and the plot is entertaining. The plot of this story was quick paced, making Life in the Fat Lane a real page turner.

I enjoyed connecting with and getting to know the characters. I was able to easily do this because of the authors favorable way of bringing the characters to life. The theme of this book is Its whats on the inside that counts. I find it interesting because this usually means that the person is beautiful on the inside, but in the beginning of the story, Lara is beautiful on the outside, but perhaps not so beautiful on the inside. Laras transformation turns her into a person not-so-beautiful on the outside and more beautiful on the inside then she ever was before.

Overall, Life in the Fat Lane by Cherie Bennet was a great book with a gripping beginning, suspenseful middle, and satisfying end. Definitely a must read. July 30, Reader reviewed by lookwhaticando This book is a very good book because it has a skinny girl turning fat lol. The girl in the story was a beauty pageant winner, until she got a disease that makes her gain weight rapidly.

Soon she was so overweight that people began to stop talking to her.

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This book shows you that its what the inside that counts. I really liked it and I couldn't put it down.



This book rawks! March 21, Reader reviewed by Tracy I read this terrific book, two times, and i never got bored of it. It is the cooest book probably on the face of earth cuz it tells the truth. Not like some authors, Cherie Bennett, tells the exact truth in this book, that other authors keep hidden. This book is mainly abot a girl that has everything, a hot guy, a supposly sweet perfect family, popular freinds, and all that crap, but when she suddenly gains weight for no reason, things turn around.

This girl learns things that she has never encounter before. You should really read this book, go out to the library and check it out, or buy it so you can read it over and over and over again!! Powered by JReviews. Here's more i Read more.

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A pound beauty pageant veteran at 16, Lara is elected Homecoming Queen while still a junior. Then, for no discernible reason, she starts to gain weight, and her glittery world comes crashing down. Drugs and counseling fail, too; she gains more weight even while on a monitored starvation diet before learning that she might have Axell-Crowne Syndrome, a rare metabolic disorder with no known cure.

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Meanwhile, as the numbers on the scale climb steadily and Lara's self-image goes into a tailspin, she experiences the social cost of being fat: the comments that range from catty to helpful to devastating; the unwarranted assumptions about her personal habits; the skepticism of peers and doctors; the creeping sense of being invisible. Bennett takes Lara through the whole patch with brutal directness, allowing her one loyal best friend and a boyfriend who means it when he says he still loves her.

While the hazard of setting unrealistic standards of beauty is a familiar theme in teen novels, the author lays out the issues with unusual clarity, sharp insight, and cutting irony. The book's aim is not high culture but high school culture, and it scores for pure entertainment value. There was a problem adding your email address.

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