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In physical chemistry , a colorimeter is a device used to test the concentration of a solution by measuring its absorbance of a specific wavelength of light. To use this device, different solutions must be made, and a control usually a mixture of distilled water and another solution is first filled into a cuvette and placed inside a colorimeter to calibrate the machine.

You do this by repeating the calibration, except with cuvettes filled with the other solutions. The filter on a colorimeter must be set to red if the liquid is blue. Initially, the size of the filter chosen for the colorimeter is extremely important, as the wavelength of light that is transmitted by the colorimeter has to be same as that absorbed by the substance. In digital imaging , colorimeters are used for color calibration.

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Accurate color profiles ensure consistency throughout the imaging workflow, from acquisition to output. The absolute spectral power distribution of a light source can be measured with a spectroradiometer , which works by optically collecting the light, then passing it through a monochromator before reading it in narrow bands of wavelength.

Reflected color can be measured using a spectrophotometer , which takes measurements in the visible region and a little beyond of a given color sample. You could save 8. Quantity: Quantity is required.

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